Grow your Gumroad with authentic reviews

Collect reviews from your customers on autopilot. Boost sales with strong social proof.

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Testimonials and reviews are the strongest conversion drivers

It's no secret that authentic customer reviews are important pre-purchase trust signals for digital products. By building an automated and scalable system to collect reviews, Hoist can help you turn your early supporters into strong advocates.

Automate collection of reviews

Enable reviews collection for a product and we take care of the rest. Customers are sent an email with a review form after purchase. Alternatively, upload a list of customers for one-time reviews collection.

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Leverage Twitter testimonials

Use the social proof you already have - add links to tweets of customers and influencers talking about your product. These get added to the reviews landing page.

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Share your reviews landing page

Customer reviews & Twitter testimonials are dynamically updated to a reviews landing page. Link this to your Gumroad product and other social media to drive more conversions.

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How It Works

  • 1

    Connect Gumroad

    Log in with Gumroad to share access to your products. Copy our webhook link to your Gumroad profile on the 'Advanced Settings' page. This lets Hoist use Gumroad Ping and be alerted each time there is a new purchase.

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    Enable review collection

    Select products you want automated review collection for. You can also upload a list of your old customers to trigger a one-time email. Customers will receive an email with a review form. All reviews are dynamically updated on the review landing page.

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    Add Twitter testimonials

    Add links to tweets about the product. These tweets will embed on your review landing page, below the customer reviews.

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    Share review landing page

    Copy the review landing page URL for the product and link it to your Gumroad product page or any other landing page. 


  • How is it different from Gumroad product ratings?

    Star ratings from Gumroad are a useful social proof signal, but people want to see written detailed feedback from customers who've bought your product. A lot of creators today solve for this by adding screenshots and copies of testimonials on their landing pages. We want to automate this and make it more scalable. 

  • Can I share the review form link externally?

    Outside of the automated email workflow, if you wanted to encourage your customers to share reviews - easy! Just copy the the review form link for the product from the dashboard and share it. 

  • Can customers submit video reviews?

    Not just yet, but we're hoping to launch this soon! If you have any ideas around this or other feature requests, please write to us at

  • How do I link the reviews landing page to the Gumroad product page?

    You can create a 'Testimonials' section in your product description and paste the reviews landing page link. In the future, we hope to pitch Gumroad the option of embedding our reviews widget within the product page .

  • How do you verify reviews?

    Reviews that are collected through the automated email workflow are tagged 'Verified'. Reviews collected through other sources will still be shown on the page without the tag. You can email us at with proof of purchase to convert them to verified reviews.

Level up your Gumroad page with strong social proof

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